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Jonathan Booth Conservation are leading consultants and conservators of historic buildings, monuments and natural stone. We offer a unique combination of the academic and the practical, underpinned by years of natural stone conservation experience. We have worked on a wide range of churches and historic buildings, providing a full service from conservation reports and surveys, through to execution on site by our highly-skilled team of masons, carvers and conservators.

Although based in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, Jonathan Booth Conservation operate all over Ireland, London and the South of England. The company operates both as a main contractor, sub-contractor and specialist consultant, advising and undertaking the repair and conservation of architectural stonework, church monuments, historic plaster and render as well as sculpture and decorative surfaces.

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A passion for natural stone

It’s very simple, I love what I do. I work with natural stone. Sourcing it, designing items from it, supplying it, repairing it, maintaining it and most of all appreciating it. In all its forms, granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, semi-precious, the echoes of creation and the effects of ‘The Flood’ are a continual source of amazement to me.

I enjoy working in the relaxed atmosphere with church property committees conserving the fabric of the church building for generations to come, in the most sympathic way possible. I‘m also at home in the London and South East England market, restoring marble and semi-precious stones for some very distinguished clients along with Hotel Technical Directors, restoring stone to its natural beauty.

However, I’m always the happiest when I’m challenged to solve another stone related problem, whether it be contractual, restorative or design.

“A strong and impressive commitment to conservation.
The repair and not replacement.”

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