Jonathan Booth Conservation are leading consultants and conservators of historic buildings, monuments and natural stone. We offer a unique combination of the academic and the practical, underpinned by years of natural stone conservation experience.

We have worked on a wide range of churches and historic buildings, providing a full service from conservation reports and surveys, through to execution on site by our highly-skilled team of masons, carvers and conservators.

Although based in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland, Jonathan Booth Conservation operate all over Ireland, London and the South of England.

The company operates both as a main contractor, sub-contractor and specialist consultant, advising and undertaking the repair and conservation of architectural stonework, church monuments, historic plaster and render as well as sculpture and decorative surfaces.

We monitor and report on decay mechanisms as well as executing complex conservation specifications including the cleaning, consolidation, repair and replacement where necessary of historic fabric, sculpture and decoration.

Our approach to architectural stone conservation, whether in the context of a church tower, ancient monument or individual moulding, is one of sensitivity to the original intent of the building or object. We seek to understand the structure and materials as fully as possible before selecting an appropriate method of stone conservation.

Solutions arise from careful investigation, discussion and trials, and are informed by our experience of historic structures and traditional materials in use. We aim not only to slow down the natural weathering and decay processes in stone but also to treat it in such a way that the overall legibility and aesthetic quality of a building or object is re-established.

As a main contractor we are experienced at working alongside key consultants such as architects, structural engineers, fabricators, landscape architects and interior designers.

We also work in the Hotel and Leisure sector in London, along with facilities management agencies and some private clients, advising and managing the maintenance and conservation of their interior natural stone. Private swimming pools, Hotel ballrooms floors, Embassy reception areas and boardrooms in the City are all weekly projects for the Jonathan Booth Conservation team. If a piece of marble or even semi-precious stone is too badly damaged or broken, that restoration is not desirable, we can also ‘stone match’ from a worldwide supply chain.

“By much slothfulness the building decayeth and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.”

Ecclesiastes 10 v 18